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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: Need more comprehensive AJAX Implementation Instructions
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 20:53:58 GMT
--- wrote:
> d. Can you show me what your action mapping looks
> like for */stan1.action?*

  <package name="stan" 
    <action name="stan1" class="stan.Stan1Action">

> As far as the missing quotes go, the only way I can
> view generated source
> *and* have the
> content dynamically added to the DOM included, is to
> use the IE plug in that
> builds the HTML  directly from the DOM tree.  

Oooo. Which version of IE? For me under IE 7 it's
being rendered correctly.

Note that if I look at the *DOM* in FireFox the DIV is
before the table rows of the form, which I suspect may
be due to embedded DIVs between table rows being a
no-no, but I'm *definitely* not sure about that.

You might want to try putting the <s:div.../> inside a
<tr>...</tr> (or whatever, depending on what the
action is returning); I would be, say, 60-65% certain
that will fix the problem.


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