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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: [s2] versions?
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2007 22:10:22 GMT
So, far Struts 2.0.1 is the only milestone to be deemed at least a
beta, and announced to the user list.

There have been several other milestones, but we did not promote them
to beta, for one reason or another.

We're reviewing Struts 2.0.4 now, and it looks like it will be tagged
at least a beta for now. We would then announce it to the user list,
to encourage wider testing. Based on that experience, we would then
decide whether to mark the release ready for "General Availability"
(our best grade).

The underlying notion is that we create the milestone first, and then
decide on its quality. Depending on actual experience, we will upgrade
(or downgrade) the quality of a milestone release.


On 1/30/07, bob <> wrote:
> At first I thought there was only a 2.0.1 version of struts2, as its the only one listed
>"upfront"; now I've found 2.0.2 . . . 2.0.5.  I'm not really familiar
with official versioning
>practices, so maybe this is obvious, but what are the differences?

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