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From "Dariusz Wojtas" <>
Subject Re: [S2] Any hope to have ajax form submission working?
Date Sun, 21 Jan 2007 00:07:58 GMT
Hi Musachy,

I have created an issue WW-1665 and attached 2 files
Index.jsp and target.jsp.
Place these files in 1 dir and open index.jsp.

try to submit data, and switch the 'targets' attribute to point to
different DIVs.
I also get some javascript errors in IE - most likely something is not found:

  Could not load widget 'dojo.widget.html.Tooltip'
  last tried '__package__.js'

Using struts 2.0.4 snapshot made 12 hours ago.
These are requests logged by my filter when I open index.jsp on a
fresh IE (reload with SHIFT after clearing browsers cache). /esu is my
app prefix:


It all works under FF 2.0
But I also get some 404s under FF:
GET http://localhost:8080/esu/struts/dojo/src/widget/html/Tooltip.js
GET http://localhost:8080/esu/struts/dojo/src/widget/html.js
GET http://localhost:8080/esu/struts/dojo/src/widget.js
GET http://localhost:8080/esu/struts/dojo/src/__package__.js
GET http://localhost:8080/esu/struts/dojo/src.js
GET http://localhost:8080/esu/struts/dojo/__package__.js
Could not load 'dojo.widget.html.Tooltip'; last tried '__package__.js'
[Break on this error] throw _13||Error(_12);

Best regards
Dariusz Wojtas

On 1/21/07, Dariusz Wojtas <> wrote:
> I will try to send it in 30 minutes.
> I will try to separate some part of my app into 2 JSPs.
> I hope it shows the issue.
> Dariusz Wojtas
> On 1/20/07, Musachy Barroso <> wrote:
> > I tried to replicate this, so I added this to index.jsp on showcase
> > under apps/showcase/src/main/webapp/ajax/remotelink:
> >
> > <div id="target">
> >     <s:form id="form" action="/AjaxTest.action" >
> >       <input type=textbox name="data">
> >       <s:a theme="ajax" targets="target">Try</s:a>
> >     </s:form>
> > </div>
> >
> > but it works on both IE 6 and FF 2. The anchor and the button share the
> > same javascript code, so they should behave the same. They can be used
> > inside a form, in which case they will submit the parent form or outside
> > a form, using "formId". Adding theme="ajax" to the form should make no
> > difference on this case. Can you try the above example and let me know
> > if it works?
> >
> > thanks
> > musachy

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