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From "Dave Newton" <>
Subject RE: [S2] ServletRequestInterceptor & ParameterAware
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 19:00:00 GMT
From: S├ębastien LABEY []
> I know that getParameters().get("myParamater") returns an array of
> objects,
> but isn't it supposed to return not only String[], but arrays of
> Objects
> depending on the type described (if described) for the parameter
> through
> getter and setter in the action : if getId() returns an Integer, why
> doesn't
> getParameters().get("id") return an array of Integer, instead of an
> array of
> String? 

I thought that getParameters() via ParameterAware was just a wrapper around the request parameters,
which are always name/value string pairs. 

I could be wrong, though; I'm well over par for stupid mistakes today.


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