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From Musachy Barroso <>
Subject Re: [S2] dropdowndatetimepicker questions
Date Sun, 07 Jan 2007 16:05:18 GMT
Dariusz Wojtas wrote:
> Hi,
> I am absolutely nod in mood to be the 1st class troublemaker for S2
> ajax support - which is very nice - but real life usage brings some
> questions.

Don't lose your faith, must of the fixes have been recommended by you :)

> I have a form using theme ajax.
> And I have some:
> <s:textfield ...  label="aaa" />
> <s:select ... label="bbb"  />
> <s:dropdowndatetimepicker ...  label="ccc" >
> fields inside.
> Fields 'textfield' and 'select' do create a row in table with 2 cols:
> label, field.
> But the datetimepicker field only creates a single 'span' element
> withsome contents inside but seems to ignore the fact that it is
> placed inside an ajax form.
> Label defined for such field is not displayed.
> Is it supposed to behave like this?
> I may create that row myself, but I am worried that one day it will be
> 'fixed' and then my code is wrong.

just another bug in the wall.

> I also have some question about the dropdowndatetimepicker in 'time' 
> mode.
> What is the data type supported for this on the action side?
> If I have a Date property in my field and want to dysplay it as 2
> fields in the form, using dropdowndatetimepickers: date & time - what
> is the advised approach?
> I did not find any info in the docs/wiki about this.

The server side type can be either a Date or an String. You can have two 
different fields on your action, then  build just one Date object with 
them when your action executes.


> Thanks in advance
> Dariusz Wojtas
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