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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: Wiki link?
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2007 20:56:56 GMT
On Tue, January 30, 2007 3:07 pm, Ted Husted wrote:
> Under Documentation are the links to the archived sites for Struts
> 1.2.9 and Struts 1.3.5, which are the most current GA releases.
> (Struts 2.0.x is in beta.)

I'm not following... conceptually I mean... I followed the links just fine
:) ... saying they are the "archived" sites implies there are current or
"live" sites somewhere, does it not?  And regardless, why would someone
think to go there for a wiki?  It wasn't immediately obvious to me.

> Under Development are the links to the latest draft documentation for
> each product.

Actually, that seems to lead me to the "home" page for each product :)  If
your calling that "draft documentation", then OK, but it's not what I
would equate to what I found there.

> Asking for the "home page" is a bit of a loaded question, since we
> support multiple releases of each product, along with the development
> versions of each product.

I only asked how to get to the home pages because you used the phrase :) 
Besides, it's reasonable I think to have a page each for S1 and S2, as you
do.  That's the logical demarcation point I think.

Just to clarify my motiviation so you know I'm not just being a wanker :)
... I believe wikis are a fantastic way for all users, not just project
devs, to share information with one another in a persistent way.  Because
of that, I always like to see a link to it front and center on any project
I might use.  The link IS still there, I just think it could be a little
easier to find and not buried down a layer or two, i.e., on somewhere in the nav bar, especially if it isn't
immediately obvious what layers need to be traversed to get to it.


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