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From "Jim Reynolds" <>
Subject Validator Framework 1.29
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 18:40:26 GMT

I am having some issues with getting the messages from the validator
framework from showing. Actually, I have some old code like this:
             <html:messages id="error">
               <font class="error"><c:out value="${error}"/><br></font>
that used to work, before upgrading to 1.29. I am getting this error:
"ccording to TLD or attribute directive in tag file, attribute value
does not accept any expressions" (I posted this earlier with no

Then I am reading through Struts in Action book and they show this
type of error handling in the jsp page.

             <logic:messages id="error" bean:write name="error" />
with a import of this tld.
uri="/tags/struts-validator" prefix="validator" %>

Anyway, now I am confused and not sure which is the best approach to
follow. Also, I cannot find the tld for struts-validator? I checked
the struts jar for a tld, but did not find one, and I checked the
commons-validator.jar and did not find it there. I don't mind using
second one from book, but where is tld?


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