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From Jon Wynacht <>
Subject Application Modules
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 21:37:37 GMT

I am implementing modules in my application and I want to know the  
best way to do that in terms of how I want the application to behave.  
This may or may not be possible but bear with me...

My application is a calendaring system for a specific audience. The  
default application affords calendars for individual users. I have a  
configured module called "group" which will afford one calendar to a  
particular group of people.

To get to a group calendar you used to click a link like this:


but after I configured my app with the "group" module you access it  
like this:


Now within the result of that link is a calendar where a user can add  
various items to a day in a calendar. For each url now, it looks like  
i have to do this:


Didn't Struts used to have the capability of saying something like this:


I tried this:

<html:link module="/group" action="/">foo</ 

and got an exceptions saying there was no action config found for the  
specified URL. However, I have this in my "group" module config:

<action path="/group/CoachGroupCalendar"  
type="" scope="request"  
			<forward name="SUCCESS" path="/coach_group_calendar.jsp"  
redirect="false" />
			<forward name="FAILURE" path="/index.jsp" redirect="true" />

Any help or advice is appreciated. Heckles and jeers are too!



Jon Wynacht

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