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From "Marcello Savino" <>
Subject logic:iterate, tfoot and sum
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 09:18:34 GMT
Hi, i've a questione regarding sum calculation in a table:
The jsp look like this one:

	<logic:present name="lista">
		<div class="lista"><c:set var="recCount" value="${0}" />
		<table class="scrollable" id="lista"
					<th id="hNr" colspan="2">Nr</th>
				<logic:iterate id="index" name="lista">
					<c:set var="recCount"
value="${recCount+1}" />
						<td headers="hNr"
property="number" /></td>

Obviously the recCount outputted is 0. To output the right value i have
to put the tfoot after the tbody section but this is not allowed by the
DTD. I would not pre-calculate the rowCount due performance problem.
Does anybody have some ideas to solve this problem ?
Thanks in advance
Ciao, Marcello

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