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From "Dariusz Wojtas" <>
Subject Re: [S2] autocompleter, predefining initial value
Date Sun, 31 Dec 2006 18:47:10 GMT
Hi Musachy,

I have just built new S2 (after tag 2.0.2), made sure that the old JAR
files are replaced and restarted it. If something is fixed - great,
but it still misbehaves under IE and Opera.
There is also some issue common to all browsers (including FF):

*) If I have 3 stacked autocompleters, every autocompleter has a value
and I submit the form to go to the same action (reload with selected
values), then only the top autocompleter is displayed with the correct
value. The other 2 autocompleters are empty - but the code in
generated HTML suggests that the correct values were passed to dojo:
   <input dojoType="struts:ComboBox" ... initialValue="A4" initialKey="3541" ...

The dependent autocompleters are just blank.
And the funny thing is that the browser asks the server for valus to
be shown in autocompleter2 and autocompleter3 and gets the correct
values - on page load. Even more funny is that it shows autocompleter1
with the predefined value, and I may expand both autocompleter2 and
autocompleter3 (nothing selected in autocompleter2).

*) Problem under Opera 9.0.2.
 I know a little more about problems under Opera.
 It is enough to have single autocompleter to reproduce it.
 Some value is selected, the dropdown is hidden.
 I click the downArrow with mouse, the dropdown with options nicely
opens and I may change selection. If I mark with mouse/keyboard at
least 1 character in the selected value (as if you were preparing for
copy/paste) then clicking the downArrow has no effect. If I deselect
the character - it works again.
The problem is that after making a selection with mouse - the value is
automatically marked/selected and the downArrow will not work.
Possibly the solution would be to make sure that no character is
marked after choosing an option. Or changing the condition under which
the dropdown checks what options to display.

Similar problem under Opera when typing something in the autocompleter.
If the dropdown is already shown/opened - it will work.
But if you start typing when it is hidden, it will not work because
some characters are automatically marked/selected. Pressing backspace
makes it work.
It is all reproductible with the sample I have sent you.

*) IE 6
Still problems on my machine. Even with simple autocompletes.
I can see an error in the status bar. No details. Just:
  Line:  4872   [It must be sth in the javascript, the HTML code is
much shorter]
  Char:  1
  Error:  [object error]
  Code: 0

Thanks for your help.
And a Happy New Year!

 Dariusz Wojtas

On 12/31/06, Musachy Barroso <> wrote:
> Both problems should now be fixed on IE 6.
> regards
> musachy
> Musachy Barroso wrote:
> > I will fix it so it ignores that null value. UTF-8 works.
> >
> > regards
> > musachy
> >
> > Dariusz Wojtas wrote:
> >> I am not really sure if it worked before, both autcompleter and my
> >> code do evolve ;)
> >> I was always using JSP with UTF-8 encoding to generate my options.
> >> Is UTF-8 a problem here?
> >>
> >> You mean
> >>    [ ["A", "B"] , ]
> >> is problematical for IE, but
> >>    [ ["A", "B"] ]
> >> will work? Should I change something in the json list generation or
> >> the autocompleter will recognize such case?
> >>
> >> Dariusz Wojtas
> >>
> >> On 12/28/06, Musachy Barroso <> wrote:
> >>> This is what I found so far, there are 2 problems, one is that when
> >>> there is a json array like:
> >>>
> >>> [ ["A", "B"] , ]
> >>>
> >>> IE puts a null object in the array. That one is easy to fix. The other
> >>> problem is that using freemaker, like in showcase to render the json
> >>> array, the charset of the response is set to Cp1252, which causes the
> >>> error on IE. If I use a jsp to render the json array, the encoding is
> >>> ISO-8859-1 which works fine. Was this working for you before?
> >>>
> >>> regards
> >>> musachy

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