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From "Dave Newton" <>
Subject RE: [s2] servlet 2.4 required ?
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 20:23:13 GMT
From: Don Brown []
> As a published requirement, Struts 2 requires Servlet 2.4.  However,
> I'd bet you could run a Struts 2 app on Servlet 2.3, if you were
> careful and did plenty of testing.  You might run into a few problems
> in some of the JSP tags or perhaps interceptors, but as a whole,
> Struts 2 tries to stay away from the servlet api wherever possible.
> If you decide to go with Struts 2 on Servlet 2.3 and get it working,
> please let us know and better yet, write a wiki doc describing your
> approach and potential pitfalls. :)

I may also have dug myself a hole; turns out I may have to deploy on
Weblogic 8.1, which is 2.3.

If anybody has any info regarding 2.4-specific stuff I'd really like to
know :/ I can live with some tag inconveniences and I probably won't be
using any "tricky" interceptors, but... boy I'd like to know really,
really quickly if I'm screwed.


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