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From Rick Schumeyer <>
Subject basic JSTL question
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 01:36:56 GMT
These should be easy questions, but I can't find the answers...if 
someone could either answer them or point me to the right docs, I would 
appreciate it.

1. What is the proper uri for the jstl core library?  According to my 
JSP book it should be

<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>

but eclipse complains about unknown tags like <c:out>.

2. In another thread I learned that it is preferred not to use the 
struts bean tags  (Or are the bean tags ok, but not the logic tags...)
Do I want to use c:out or jsp:usebean to display the contents of an 
actionform?  How about a "normal" bean?

3. Can someone show me an example of using the c:out tag to display the 
contents of an ActionForm?

4. Same as 3, but for a regular bean set in the action via 
request.setAttribute ?

It's possible that if I fix #1, the rest will fall into place.  Thanks 
for any help!

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