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From Pille <>
Subject Re: initialize a DynaValidatorForm property
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2006 06:03:35 GMT

mano dasanayake wrote:
> Hi,
> Yes you can initiate an attribute of type arrayList in the DynaForm as
> follows,
> <form-property name="yourList" type="java.util.List" />

i know that.

> And in the action mapping specify the name of the Form Bean that you are
> about to use. In this case the form bean that contains the List you'r going
> to initiate..

i tried all of this. when i spcified the name of DynaValidatorForm in
the prepare-mapping i got an exception. but it worked with
DynActionForm. why?

but i solved it right now. i just implemented my own Form class as
extension of ValidatorForm.

> Regards,
> Mano

thank you


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> From: Pille [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2006 5:12 AM
> To:
> Subject: initialize a DynaValidatorForm property
> hi,
> how can i initialize a property of type ArrayList in a DynaValidatorForm?
> i saw that i can do some simple initialization with the initial
> attribute in the form-peoperty tag in struts-config.
> at the moment i do some initialization in a prepare action that sets the
> attributes some combo boxes.
> <action path="/prepareBuyOnline"
>                 type="software.BuyOnlineAction"
>                 parameter="prepareForm">
>             <forward name="success" path="/BuyOnline.jsp"/>
> it seems that a form of type DynaValidatorFrom doesn´t allow the
> attribute name="formName" in the prepare action statement. do i need
> this attribute to access the form bean?
> i always get a ForwardConfig exception when i try to do this but i need
> to initialize a form property (ArrayList) in the action statement. i
> think i need an instance of the form bean to set a property with
> PropertyUtils.setSimpleProperty(yourForm,"propertyName",object);
> in a action method. is that right?
> which data types can i use in a DynaValidatorForm? i have a book here
> and the author says that only arrays, lists and maps of primitive data
> types are allowed. is it possible to use a java.util.ArrayList with my
> own beans of same type as elements?
> thank you
> regards
> philippe
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