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From Albert L Sapp <>
Subject Re: Autocomplete attribute in Struts tags
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2006 21:12:20 GMT
I think the original question was how to *avoid *displaying previous 
information that was entered by a previous user, I believe.  Firefox 
does retain form field information to "help" the user enter information 
in the field the next time they use the form.  If, however, more than 
one user makes use of the browser there is a possibility of the next 
user gaining access to that previously entered information.

Short of disabling the feature in the browser options, I am not sure of 
any way to keep this from happening.  But then, I am very much a novice 
at forms and browsers.


Asthana, Rahul wrote:
> Extend html:text to support "autocomplete"?
> -----Original Message-----
> From: grifoxx []
> Sent: Monday, December 04, 2006 3:43 PM
> To:
> Subject: Autocomplete attribute in Struts tags
> Hi I am developing a web application that allow the user to make online
> payments, so my question is:
> How can avoid the browser to redisplay or autocomplete an input when a user
> type in. For instance in firefox the user can see what other users typed
> before.
> I know that the html:text or any other struts tag does not use this
> attribute but there must be a way to do this because this kind of
> information is very important to show it.

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