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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: [OT] How to realize print function
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 21:41:24 GMT
red phoenix wrote:
> I want to realize print function in Struts,when click a button in jsp
> page,it will print part of screen information in Printer. I know 
> javascript:
> window.print() can realize print function,but it don't fit me,because
> window.print() will print all screen information.I know another method,it
> will write information into Excel and then print it in Excel,but it don't
> fit me too,because it don't print directly! I want to know how to realize
> print function directly?

This isn't Struts-specific, it's a general web development question. You 
have plenty of options, but the two I'd suggest you look at first are as 

1) create a 'print media' CSS style sheet to control what's output when 
the page is printed. You can selectively remove parts of the page you 
don't want to include in the printed format, as well as alter 
presentation styles (font, etc) to achieve the look you want. This has 
the advantage that the user will get the same result using their 
browser's default 'print' function, or hitting your Javascript print button.

2) if you need the printed output to be more substantially different 
than the on-screen format -- you need a completely different layout, or 
even different data, in the printed version, for example -- then you 
probably want to create two seperate pages, one for the on-screen view 
and one for the print view, then have a button in the on-screen view 
that will bring up the print-view.

Option 1 is by far the better approach IMHO, provided the differences 
between your on-screen and print-format data aren't beyond what can be 
achieved with CSS.


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