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From "Andrew Stepanenko" <>
Subject [s2] <s:form> and FCKeditor
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2006 01:39:22 GMT

did anybody try to integrate FCKeditor (
into a Struts2 <s:form> tag? Basically, I want to display in the
FCKeditor instance the value of my action's property and later be able
to save it to db in my action.
FCKeditor has a JSP integration pack and can be invoked in a JSP by
means of it's own tag library:
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="FCK" %>

<FCK:editor id="EditorDefault"
basePath="/FCKeditor/"		imageBrowserURL="/FCKeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/default/browser.html?Type=Image&Connector=connectors/jsp/connector"
				This is some <strong>sample text</strong>. You are using <a
The question is whether I need to customize struts-tags tag lib to
integrate the editor with <s:form> (and how if yes) or may be there is
a simpler way?

You help is much appreciated.

Andrew Stepanenko

P.S. BTW, I was able to integrate FCKeditor with Struts 1 <html:form>
in my previous project. The solution there was just to set the
<FCK:editor> tag's id attribute with the name of Struts
DynaValidatorForm property, and then in the Action it was possible to
access that property's value.

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