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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject [S2] Duty now for the future? (was Re: Question about struts2)
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 12:44:51 GMT
I'm copying in the user list, in case others might be interested.

On 11/2/06, someone wrote:
> Hi Ted
> Sorry for bothering you. Recently I looked at Struts2 project pages and
> all there looks really exciting :). I just want to ask how stable is the
> current struts2 version.
> I am at the moment before starting with new, very big feature in our web
> client and we are considering using struts2 for it. What are the planns
> for it??
> Do you plan significant changes in the future. What is your opinion
> about this, I mean, is such step it a big risk at the moment???
> Thanks in advance for your hints !!!

Struts 2.0 is very stable. It's the direct descendant of WebWork 2,
and we have dubbed the 2.0.x series the "compatiblity release". The
bits themselves are ready-to-go. We're just finishing-up on peripheral
concerns that don't affect the code itself.

In Struts 2.0, we won't be straying far from the path WebWork 2 has
already blazed. WW2 powers some of the greatest web applications on
the planet, including Confluence and Jive Forums. There's no arguing
with success!

Though, since web development is *still* more work than it should be,
I am hoping that there will be significant changes in the future. But,
these changes would build on the solid base provided by Struts 2.0.
The Interceptor architecture is elegant and extensible, and I'm sure
we can take it whereever we want to go.

And, just because we make changes down the road, that doesn't mean
other people have to follow along. In the Struts 1 series, right now
we are shipping Struts 1.3.5. Meanwhile, I'd say that a majority of
Struts applications in production are running on Struts 1.1, which
shipped in 2003. If someone has 1.1 (or 1.0) questions, there's still
plenty of people on the list ready to answer. How's that for
stability? :)


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