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From fahlen <>
Subject Struts 2 and passing data using interceptors
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 20:32:18 GMT

Hi. I'm new to Struts and have a question regarding how data is passed from
an Action (in Struts 2) to the JSP which one is redirected to after the
action is executed. Reading the documentation on Struts 2, I've found that
using the Scope Interceptor one can specify Action properties to be bound to
the session or application scope. This is configured in struts.xml with the
<interceptor-ref name="scope"> tag and then setting the appropriate
parameters. See

Now, say I access an EJB from an Action. The method of the EJB returns some
data. Is it good programming practice (in Struts) to store this data in the
session object, later to be accessed from a JSP? This should allow me to
pass the data, but perhaps there is some other alternative which is
preferred. Storing information in the session object would maybe be good
practice for data such as user id, contents of a shopping cart, etc. The
scope I believe I am interested in is request scope, since the data returned
from the invoked EJB method is data from an search, only to be
used in the JSP displayed immediately after the execution of the Action.

Would the preferred method in my case then be to implement the
ServletRequestAware interface in the Action and store data of interest in
the request object? I can't find any interceptor that does this. I'm sure
one can create user defined interceptors, but if there's a standard method
for this functionality provided by the framework, then I guess that would be
the preferred way to go.

I'm grateful for any input on the matter. Cheers.
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