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From Eric Benedetti <>
Subject LazySortedMap of LazyList Objects in a Form
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 17:35:24 GMT
I've got a Form which contains a LazySortedMap, the keys being Strings 
and the values being LazyList objects.  Each LazyList object contains a 
list of Checkbox objects (basically just like LabelValueBean objects).  
In the jsp, I would like to iterate through the sorted map, and for each 
LazyList, iterate through that printing out the Checkbox values.  I 
cannot get this working !  Anyone know how I can write my jsp so that 
each checkbox value is something like group(keyname).checked[index] ?  
Help is much appreciated!

I've tried in the jsp something like:

     <nested:iterate id="group" property="groups">
        <bean:define name="group" property="key" id="thiskey" 
            <nested:iterate id="box" name="group" property="value" 
                <% String cbprop = "group(" + thiskey + ")[" + i + 
"].checked"; %>
                <html:checkbox property="<%= cbprop %>"/>

I've got the form defined:

    protected Map groups = MapUtils.lazySortedMap(
                                                        new TreeMap(), 
new Factory() {
Object create() {

    public Map getGroups() {
        return groups;

    public void setGroups(final TreeMap newGroups) {
        groups = MapUtils.lazySortedMap(newGroups, new Factory() {
            public Object create() {
                return buildGroup();

    private List buildGroup() {
        List checkboxes = ListUtils.lazyList(new java.util.ArrayList(), 
new Factory() {
            public Object create() {
                return new Checkbox();
        return checkboxes;

    public void setGroup(String key, Object value) {
    public Object getGroup(String key) {
        return getGroups().get(key);

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