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From Rick Schumeyer <>
Subject Re: Tiles "best practices" question
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 02:35:40 GMT
I have decided to use Antonio's suggestion.  Every page now has an entry 
in tiles-defs.xml.  For example
    <definition name="welcome" extends="default">
        <put name="body" value="/pages/Welcome.jsp" />

Then I just write a Welcome.jsp that only contains the body for the 
welcome page.

So for every page I want to add, I add one jsp file and one entry in 

If anyone know a better way, please let me know!  But this method seems 

Adam Hardy wrote:
> Antonio Petrelli on 31/10/06 08:07, wrote:
>> Rick Schumeyer ha scritto:
>>> I have a layout that includes: <tiles:insert attribute="body"/>
>>> My definition does *not* include "body"
>>> The "actual" jsp page determines the proper value for "body":
>>> <tiles:insert definition="library.default">
>>> <tiles:put name="body" value="/pages/successBody.jsp"/>
>>> </tiles:insert>
>>> Question: the way I'm doing this means I now have *two *pages for 
>>> every my case the "success.jsp" page that contains the 
>>> <tiles:insert> and also the "successBody.jsp" page containing the 
>>> actual content of the page.
>>> Is this necessary, or is there a better way?
>> Eh, this is a good question. There is another (but not necessarily 
>> better) way: create an extended definition for each page and then 
>> forward directly to the definition in your Struts action. Anyway they 
>> are still 2 objects (a definition and a JSP page) for each final page.
>> Probably a "better" way will be implemented in Tiles 2 (though I 
>> don't know what it will be :-) ).
> I never had to use a JSP unnecessarily purely because of tiles. I'm 
> sure if you could explain further, I could give you a solution to 
> avoid superfluous JSPs.
> I dont follow the description of your problem though. What do you mean 
> by the 'actual' JSP if it's not your layout? I'm also not familiar 
> with the use of the <tiles:insert definition=""> tag. Don't you mean 
> 'attribute' instead of 'definition' to use a tile def from the 
> tiles-defs.xml?
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