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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: tiles and resource bundle
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 23:55:32 GMT
Rick Schumeyer on 01/11/06 02:51, wrote:
> In struts 1.3.x, what is the best way to use resource bundle keys 
> together with tiles?  I found the following feature request, but it is a 
> couple of years old...I don't know whether this was ever 
> implemented...but basically this is what I'm trying to do:
>    It would be convenient to implement proper i18n in tiles if the put
>    & item tags
>    had a "key" attribute. This way, one could specify a bundle key
>    instead of a
>    value to be used for a tile attribute. And example would be as foolows:
>    <definition name="master" page="/layouts/master.jsp">
>      <put name="title" key="webapp.title"/>
>    </definition>
> The only way I can think of is to use the <bean:message> tag in a jsp.  
> Is there any way to specify the key while I'm defining a tile?

Hi again,
I dont think you can use tiles direct. Would be very nice-to-have but I still 
use that extra tag in the tile, passing in the key string as a parameter and then

<tiles:useAttribute name="metaKeywords" />
<fmt:message key="${metaKeywords}"/>

It's fairly clunky but I only use it for browser titles and other strings that 
need to go in the layout yet have context-specificity.


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