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From chamal desilva <>
Subject Validating a form bean
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 10:45:54 GMT

I have a form bean  as this one

public class CustomerForm extends ActionForm
    private AccountForm accForm = null;
    // other attributes and methods

My JSP looks like this. It has a form which contains
details of CustomerForm as well as AccountForm inside

<html:form action=/add_cust> <!-- CustomerForm is the
form bean of this action mapping -->
   Customer Name <html:text property="name">
   Customer Age  <html:text property="age">

   account num   <html:text property="accForm.number">
   account num   <html:text

But when I submit the page only the contents of
CustomerForm is validated. AccountForm's validate
method does not get called.

Best Regards,

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