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From "Ed Griebel" <>
Subject Re: session management
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2006 14:15:52 GMT
It is not clear what you are asking. Is the problem that
- the session is not being maintained even when setting the timeout to
30 minutes
- even after 1/2 hour the session does not timeout

An observation, "pinging" the server every 10 seconds will create a
lot of unnecessary work on the server. You can probably change it to a
30-50 second ping and set the session timeout to around a minute if
you want to maintain the session.

Since you are pinging the server regularly, as long as the user has a
window up their session will never expire, even if they walk away or
leave their computer on and browser window up all nite. An alternate
solution would be to keep track of non-ping activity and terminate the
user's session after n minutes of only ping activity, maybe redirect
them to a "idle too long" screen without the AJAX ping when this

An alternative approach would be to be able to re-establish the user's
session if they happen to time out, but that is no small task.

good luck,

On 10/3/06, sowjanya chimmani <> wrote:
> Hi All,
>               In our webapplication (struts based) we are using Ajax code
> (as part of header in all jsp)which will hits the server for every 10 sec
> so every time session will be updated so it is not possible to maintain the
> session (sesstion will not expires though after the session time out value )
> .Please can any one help me to mintain the session(iam setting the session
> time out value as 30 min)
> --
> sowjanya

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