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From "Van Nguyen" <>
Subject render trademark symbol
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 17:13:24 GMT


I'm using struts 1.2.9 and am running into a problem rendering the
trademark symbol using the bean taglib.


I have this string stored in my lucene index as:


W.Rose(tm) Convex Jointer


It stores it in my bean as such... but when I use the <bean:write> tag,
it displays it as:


W.Rose? Convex Jointer 


I added some breakpoints in the WriteTag class inside the struts
library, and I see that it comes in as 


W.Rose(tm) Convex Jointer


And it is being returned as the same string... 


Is there anything else that needs to be done to render the Trademark
symbol as (tm)?


I've read online that HTML needs it to be &trade; to render correctly.
But I've tried changing the text in the bean to:


W.Rose&trade; Convex Jointer


But that did not work either... the <bean:write> tag just displays it as
W.Rose&trade; Convex Jointer


Any suggestions?



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