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From "Neil Meyer" <>
Subject EL Select
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 16:05:07 GMT
Hi All,

I need some urgent help please. I have the following code which is working
perfectly to get the data to my action.

I'm using paging on this page so when I move around and come back to the page
where I selected the select box the data should still be selected.

I checked the action and the data is definitely still there. But when I load
the jsp the select box is not selected. I even printed out the value as shown
in the bean:write and it shows the data but the select doesn't mark selected.

To my knowledge this should happen automatically any Ideas why this is

<bean:write name="selectedOEMSUPPParts" property="revisions"/>

<html-el:select indexed="true" name="selectedOEMSUPPParts"
	<option value="-1">-- Not Selected --</option>
	<logic-el:iterate name="selectedOEMSUPPParts" id="revisionSelected"
property="rivisionsOfSelectedParts" indexId="revInd">
		<option value="<bean:write name="revisionSelected"
property="dciId"/>***<bean:write name="revisionSelected"
property="createDate"/>"><bean:write name="revisionSelected"

I was then thinking of using <c:if> but I need to do the following and this
can apparently not be done.

<c:if test='${selectedOEMSUPPParts.revisions == revisionSelected.dciId+"***"+
revisionSelected. createDate }'>

<c:if test='${selectedOEMSUPPParts.revisions} ==
${revisionSelected.dciId}***${revisionSelected. createDate}'>

Any Recommendations will really be appreciated.

Neil Meyer

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