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From "Michael Jouravlev" <>
Subject Re: Model 3?
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 16:02:31 GMT
On 9/6/06, Martin Kindler <> wrote:
> Hi Artem,
> this is an interesting question.
> Some years ago I was involved in the design of a system which used a XML and
> XSLT to translate the content to various output formats (not only
> XML-based). It was an elegant solution but also a hard way to go.
> I have been developing a multiclient site for the last months and your
> proposal might have been a solution.
> I decided against it (and now use several sets of JSPs) for the following
> reasons:
> - having a common (XML-) format and afterwards transforming it to the real
> thing is one step more in the pipeline.

What about translets?

> It slows down the process (which might be amended with some sort of caching,
> but then you have an additional development effort) and the effort to
> maintain the XSLT translators is not less than the effort needed for the
> JSPs.

But the gain of different (and more convenient for some) programming
model may overweight extra effort.

> - you got to use (yet) another programming language (XSLT) which I do not
> like (I do not like having more languages in my project, I do not oppose to
> XSLT).

Is it possible to use XSLT only with no JSP/JSTL at all?

> - I cannot see where you save any logic in the actions (or in the
> controller). The controller has to maintain the objects
> which will be presented to the user anyway.

Yep, someone has to builld the XML tree.

> Thus I couldn't see any advantage in this solution. I have one set of JSPs
> per client. Otherwise I would have the same number of translators per
> client.

With JSP you have an HTML skeleton with scriptlets or custom tags here
and there to inject data. With XML/XSLT you have XML data and you use
XSLT to present it in an appropriate way. For me XML/XSLT is more
data-centric approach. This is not how one is better than another,
this is whether an application is just a "show this data" or "stick
some data into this page" type.

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