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From "Martin Kindler" <>
Subject AW: Model 3?
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 16:22:50 GMT

> What about translets?
The work has to be done somewhere, so it takes time. Perhaps translets play
in the same league as JSP compilers?

> But the gain of different (and more convenient for some) programming model
may overweight extra effort.
Sure. Although I do not see so much of a difference in the programming
Perhaps the XML/XSLT approach is a bit more data-centric, but at one stage
one must merge data with presentation information anyway.

> Is it possible to use XSLT only with no JSP/JSTL at all?
I do not understand the question. In the context of the original posting a
(Struts-based) controller produced some output. This may be XML or JSP or
plain HTML or whatever. This has to be rendered somewhere (and perhaps
transformed to something which can be rendered).

> With JSP you have an HTML skeleton with scriptlets or custom 
> tags here and there to inject data. With XML/XSLT you have 
> XML data and you use XSLT to present it in an appropriate 
> way. For me XML/XSLT is more data-centric approach. This is 
> not how one is better than another, this is whether an 
> application is just a "show this data" or "stick some data 
> into this page" type.
I agree.
With JSPs I have the presentation information and the data-accessors
(scriptlets or custom tags) in one file.
If I do it the XML/XSLT way either the same occurs (presentation information
and accessors are in the XSLT files)
or one has to maintain sort of templates plus the XSLT files. This might be
a bit more elegant and worthwhile, if you 
have a lot of (structured) data to present. In other cases it might not.


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