Matt Kurjanowicz ha scritto: > Hi, > I've seen a few threads similar to this, but nothing with my specific > problem. > > Suppose I have a tiles definition file, with the following definitions: > ... > Now suppose that I have the following JSP pages: > stdLayout.jsp: > > <tiles:getAsString name="title" /> > > " /> > > > I calculated the final result of .lib.home definition and it should be: But standardLayout has no "libContent" attribute, so it is ignored. Anyway if you really got: : ---------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS SHOULD NEVER SHOW UP ---------------------------------------------------------------------- </snip> then it seems that Tiles engine did not replace the "content" attribute, you should get: <snip> <TITLE>: Library Home ---------------------------------------------------------------------- LIB DEFAULT ---------------------------------------------------------------------- </snip> It seems like a bug to me... Ciao Antonio --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail: