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From "Puneet Lakhina" <>
Subject Re: DHTML and Struts
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 09:37:59 GMT
Any form elements created dynamically on the client-side will have no
> intrinsic link to the ActionForm.  However, this is not necessarily a
> problem... imagine if your ActionForm has this in it:
> private String firstName;
> public void setFirstName(String inFirstName) {
>   firstName = inFirstName;
> }
> public String getFirstName() {
>   return firstName;
> }
> What happens if your JSP *DOES NOT* include this form field?  Obviously
> that will be just fine, Struts won't complain.
> Now, what happens if you dynamically add that field to your HTML form via
> JavaScript, and then submit the form?  Again, this will be just fine,
> Struts will happily populate the firstName field in the ActionForm.  It
> doesn't matter that it wasn't there when the HTML for the page was
> originally rendered by the JSP.
> In the case of indexed properties, the same is true... if you dynamically
> add a field to the HTML form, so long as the name follows the index naming
> paradigm, it will be populated in the ActionForm when submitted.
> The code you have here looks basically correct, with one possible
> exception... setting innerHTML doesn't necessarily add anything to the
> DOM.  So, when the form is submitted, the fields you dynamically added may
> not be sent (I believe it will work in some browsers, but not in others...
> I'd have to go test to verify this, but that's what's in my memory).
> Instead, you should use DOM methods to create your new field and append it
> to the form, that should alleviate that problem.  This is generally the
> preferred method to work with dynamic content anyway.  So, your add method
> should be something like
> function add() {
>   var newField = document.createElement("input");
>   newField.type = "text";
> = "foo[" + count + "]";
>   var newCell = document.createElement("td");
>   newCell.appendChild (newField);
>   var newRow = document.createElement("tr");
>   newRow.appendChild(newCell);
>   var theTable = document.getElementById("t1");
>   theTable.appendChild(newRow);
>   count++;
> }
> Frank

ok this is actually fanatstic!!!!Thanks a tonne. But small problem, this
thing doesnt work on IE(and yes, like everyone, my target audience also has
it as there primary browser). I mean the rows dont get added to the page. It
stays static, doesnt throw any javascript errors either.. could you test it
out on your side??
I have yahoo toolbar on my IE. could that be causing the problem??
I have IE 6 and Firefox
It works easily on firefox.


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