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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: Struts 1.3.5: Forward out of ComposableRequestProcessor-action
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 15:46:34 GMT
On 8/28/06, Thomas Hamacher <> wrote:

> My current implementation is close to the default struts-implementation, so
> the "UnauthorizedActionException" is thrown, if the user is not allowed to
> access this action. But in this case the tomcat shows an error 500 with the
> given error-messages. What I´d like better is, that I create a new
> ActionMessage telling the user that he is not allowed to access this page,
> add this message to the error-messages in the request-scope and redirect him
> back to the page where he came from. This way he only gets a message, but is
> not completely thrown to an error page.
> What would the way to do this with the ComposableRequestProcessor? Can anyone
> give me an example or an idea, how to do this?

Having never tried it, I'm not certain of the details.  How about
configuring an <exception> in struts-config.xml, and providing a
custom ExceptionHandler.

Instead of using the 'path' attribute, have your exception handler
return mapping.getInputForward() which should send you back to the
page with the form.  Or if that's not the right place, maybe there is
something else in the request or the available Struts config objects
that will give you enough information to construct an ActionForward to

Nothing here is specific to the ComposableRequestProcessor -- I
haven't had occasion to modify the request processing chain *or* use a
custom Exception handler, so it's quite possible there's a better way
to do it.  If nothing else, maybe this message will cause someone to
say, "Don't do that!" :)


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