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From "Sherwood, Reg" <>
Subject RE: Validation in Struts DisptachAction
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 11:43:19 GMT
Hi Vaneet
I'm no expert on this to be sure; but I ran into a similiar issue.  What I did was provided
the check for the Read only mode in the forms validate method; if read only mode the validate
method returned null; otherwise it invoked the super.validate method which performs the normal
validation checks on the form.
Hope this helps.


From: Vaneet Sharma []
Sent: Thu 24/08/2006 8:08 AM
Subject: Validation in Struts DisptachAction


I am using Struts  DispatchAction and i am facing  a peculiar problem
while validating .
Now i want to validate ,my action form only in insert or update mode.
For read mode i want to prevent validation.
To achive this is am writing validation="false" in the action mapping ,
and i am manually calling validation in insert and update methods of my
action class.

         DynaActionForm frm=(DynaActionForm)form;
          ActionErrors  errors=frm.validate(mapping,request);
         if ( errors != null && !errors.isEmpty() ) {
                           saveErrors(request, errors);
                  return (mapping.findForward("validationfailure"));

But when i am doing validation in this way.
It is always trying to validate the action , even in read mode also.
Can anybody tell me why is this happening.

Thanx in advance

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