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From mosho <>
Subject Re: Question about Lookup dispatch action
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 14:26:30 GMT

Yes, that's exactly the way it works.
My navigation with lookupDispatchAction works perfectly. The problem arises
when I have another to link instead of button to submit the form, how do I
pass navigation parameter value then?
The javascript with hidden field doesn't solve the problem.


Scott Van Wart-2 wrote:
> mosho wrote:
>> Request[/planName] does not contain handler parameter named navigation
> In your struts-config.xml, are you including 'parameter="navigation"' in 
> your action mapping?  A la:
>   <action path="/planName" type="my.pkg.PlanNameAction" 
> name="planNameForm" parameter="navigation">
>      ...
>   </action>
> The parameter gives you a place to pass additional data to your action.  
> In the case of LookupDispatchAction, it uses it to find out which 
> request parameter (in this case, "navigation") it should look at to 
> determine which method to call in your subclass.  So your form will 
> submit, and be stuff like:
>   navigation=Next%20Record
> It looks messy, but that's OK.  The framework takes it and translates it 
> back into "Next Record".  Now in your subclass, you override 
> getKeyMethodMap() right?  And somewhere in there, you have something like,
>   map.put( "", "next" );
> Where "next" corresponds to the public ActionForward next( 
> ActionMapping.......) method you have defined in your subclass.
> And in your (or whatever the file's called 
> in your web app), you have:
> Record
> See how everything links together?  Now the button text you choose is 
> likely different, but this flexibility is the reason you NEVER refer to 
> the button by its text.  Let Struts do that internally, only your users 
> should see it.  Just thought I'd give you a little background so you 
> know what you're getting into; anyone correct me if I'm wrong :)
> Oh one last thing.  Make sure you're NOT overriding execute() in your 
> subclass.  It's fine for regular Action-derived classes, but you're 
> using LookupDispatchAction, which needs to run its own implementation of 
> execute().
> - Scott
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