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From David Durham <>
Subject Re: Antwort: Re: Creating new Session without invalidating the old one [*]
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2006 01:07:01 GMT wrote:
> Hello!
> Thank you to all for your hints. Now, I want to tell you, what I did at last.
> My application consists of nearly 100% forms. The application is logically
> devided into two parts (-> represented by two browser windows), and it must be
> possible to get from one part to the other. If somebody goes to the other part,
> datas must be migrated from the first one, which needn't to be closed - it's
> possible, that the user works with both parts at the same time.
> To achieve these needs, I created an object in the ServletContext, where datas
> are stored, which are needed to migrate from one session to another session. The
> key to these data in this object is the session ID. If an user switches to
> another part of the application, this is done using a direct call to a jsp, like
> href=some.jsp;sessionid=E19593A3AB3BB4EBB92C6E64916B729C
> I'm using sessionid (and not jsessionid), because this way, the request is
> sessionless (I'm using URL-rewriting for session-tracking and https) and I can
> check in the loginfilter myself, if the request belongs to an already logged in
> user. If the sessionid is valid, the user gets a new one and I can fetch data
> from the ServletContext-object.

My thinking was to put 2 objects in a single session, each representing 
a respective window's attribute.  1 session, 2 "windows".

You could just have this new Window class extend HashMap to get 
key-value pairs.


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