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From Scott Van Wart <>
Subject Extending tag libraries
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 17:48:24 GMT
This is a little OT, but it, uh, kind of has to do with Struts :).

I'm interested in adding a few attributes to some of the struts tags.  
They're really only useful in the context of a specific web project I'm 
working on, so I'd really prefer not to edit the Struts TLD and 
implementation (for various other reasons too :).

Problem is, a lot of these have to do with view/layout, so I wanted to 
use .tag files.  Everything's fine if I extend a single property, say 
<html:text property="blah" />:

  <%@ attribute name="property" required="true" type="java.lang.String" %>

  <html:text property="${property}" />

Problem is, there are a lot more attributes, most are optional, and 
different permutations, etc.  Is there a relatively easy way of doing 
this in .tag files?  Do I have to use tag classes and, if so, is it 
possible to tell the JSP processor to re-compile the stuff I output so 
it doesn't write <html:text property... /> verbatim to the client?

- Scott

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