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From Scott Van Wart <>
Subject Re: Creating new Session without invalidating the old one
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 19:54:53 GMT wrote:
> Hello!
> Is it possible to create a new session for an already logged in person (which
> has an actual session) without invalidating the existing session? It's necessary
> for me to have the old session before creating an additional one, because I have
> to get few datas from the old session for the new one.
> request.getSession(true) gives a new session, but only if the user doesn't have
> an existing session.
OK this is an odd one, but I'll give it a shot.  It seems like you want 
to transfer information from one session to another.  So I'll offer up a 
hypothetical situation.  You want a login dialog to pop up when the 
user's session times out (let's say after 15 minutes).  After about 60 
minutes the user decides to log back in, and you want session 
information to persist.

Aside from this, I honestly can't see any reason why you'd need to have 
two sessions open.  If you absolutely must, find a medium where you can 
persist the data (even if it's just serializing the objects to a file).  
If you didn't want the session to timeout in the first place, then don't 
set the timeout so low!  You can set session timeout on a per-session 
basis with HttpSession.setMaxInactiveInterval.  Combine this with 
HttpSessionListener and you can set up a mechanism with different 
timeouts per session, or with the appropriate authorization Action (a la 
struts) and have a timeout-per-user mechanism.

At this point I'm just speculating.  You'll need to give a reason _why_ 
you want to do this, because a lot of people (including myself) seem to 
be under the impression that you're working at the wrong solution to a 
problem that might not exist.

- Scott

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