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From Scott Van Wart <>
Subject Re: What's the difference between struts-base and struts-el?
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 00:52:38 GMT
Michael Cheung wrote:
> Hi, all;
> What's the difference between struts-base
> to struts-el.
My general understanding is:
- struts-el is so you can use EL expressions in your Struts tags without 
having to use servlet 2.4.  The JSP compiler won't compile the EL, so 
it's up to Struts to do it.  Use the regular Struts taglib if you know 
your JSP compiler supports EL.
- Servlet 2.3 supports EL, but is disabled by default (you need 
isELIgnored="false" or something like that at the top of every JSP).
- Servlet 2.4 has it enabled by default.
- You can disallow <% (java) %> stuff in your JSPs by specifying it in 
your web.xml in Servlet 2.4
- JSTL 1.0 is used when you don't have EL support--same reason why 
Struts provides struts-el.
- JSTL 1.1 is used when you DO have EL support, so the JSTL doesn't need 
to handle EL itself.
- Not sure about the c-rt.tld you refer to, I haven't encountered it.

I suspect all these confusing differences are the result of an emerging 
technology.  Java's resisted this whole dynamic programming thing (I 
hear Mustang's going to push the envelope, however), so the EL was a bit 
of a workaround that's now being adopted as people update their servlet 

- Scott

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