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From Scott Van Wart <>
Subject Re: I can't put 'maxlength' validator values in my .properties file?
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 18:24:26 GMT
David Friedman wrote:
> Right, but the invoked Resources.getActionMessage() has calls inside it for
> the bundle in the current trunk:
> che/struts/validator/
> It looks like it hasn't changed from the 1.2.X branch and it is definitely
> different compared to the 1.1.X branch.  If you correct the problem to the
> Resources class you might want to submit it to JIRA.
Geesh that's weird... I'm glad you sent the link to the trunk.  
FieldChecks specifically is what is causing me problems.  getVarValue is 
called indistriminately in my copy of struts (1.2.9 to the very, very 
best of my knowledge), but according to,

the trunk's validateMaxLength is completely different... sigh... time to 
check some more JARs.  Actually, I'm going to check the 1.2.x branch 
first to see whether or not I'm completely off my rocker.  In between 
your posts I wrote my own validateMaxLength that does the same thing 
(only not as generically(sp) as the trunk's version).  You should really 
type your posts faster (kidding! :)

Thanks again!

- Scott

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