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From netsql <>
Subject Re: Continuing after authentication
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 00:56:17 GMT
Most people use JAAS/JDBC reals built into app servers like Resin, 
Tomcat, etc.
It's done for you... and bug free.

James Woodward wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm trying to figure out if there is an elegant solution to what I want 
> to do.
> The application I am working on allows users to sign up for an account 
> and then enroll themselves into any courses currently being offered.
> This is the scenario.
> User Bob visits the site and views a calendar of courses. Bob decides to 
> view the description of a course that is being offered July 29th. Bob is 
> interested in the course and clicks on the Register button. Bob has not 
> authenticated at this point and is given a page that requires him to 
> enter his ID and Password. Bob enters the ID and Password and then . . .
> --What I want to happen is this--
> Once Bob authenticates I want him to be able to continue on with what he 
> was doing. I want him to be taken to the next step of the registration 
> process which will include a message saying something like "You are 
> about to register in the course "Programming with Struts" on July 29th" 
> Are you sure you want to continue.
> --What really happens is this--
> Once Bob enters his ID and password he is forwarded to some default page 
> like
> My current implementation has a secureAction that is extended by any 
> action that a user must be authenticated to access. This secureAction 
> checks to see if there is a session variable that is created when you 
> authenticate. If this variable doesn't exist it takes you to the logon 
> page. If it does exist you continue doing what you had intended to do.
> It's probably obvious but keep in mind that this requires that we keep 
> track of the courseid as well as the intended url. I have numerous pages 
> that extend the secureAction and would like the idea of being able to 
> continue where you were before authenticating to work for all of them.
> If you have seen or done anything similar I'd appreciate any idea's you 
> have on the subject.
> James

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