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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: [s2] Re: What's the future of Action, events / dispatching and CoC/CoR
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2006 20:59:57 GMT
On 7/24/06, Adam Hardy <> wrote:
> It all looks very interesting. I just read some stuff on the xworks opensymphony
> site and it looks pretty sound [1] and [2]. You guys must be working like dogs,
> there seems to be so much there to integrate. Kudos and respect to you all, this
> seems to be more and more important the more I find out.
> On a semantic note, are you really going to have <interceptor-ref> tags in
> struts-config? Or are you changing the name to something more, ahem, user-friendly?

To be clear, we've adopted WebWork 2.2 as Struts 2.0. For Struts 1
developers, moving to Struts 2 is going to represent a clean break.
Both versions use the same strategies and architecture, but the
implementation details differs. We're working on material to ease the
transition, but it's still going to be a transition. Happily, the
versions can coexist, so one option for teams with a working S1
application will be to try new work in S2.

I hadn't really thought of  <interceptor-ref> as being unfriendly
before. I believe the idea is that we can specify an interceptor or a
reference to another interceptor element, mixing and matching as


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