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From Adam Gordon <>
Subject Re: how to dynamically generate select fields
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 20:38:48 GMT
If you have a collection of, say, JavaBeans, that you've set on the 
request, you can use <c:forEach> to iterate over each of the beans in 
the collection and generate your checkbox, select list, and text field 
dynamically for each of the entries in the collection.

I.e., let's say in my action, I've set a attribute on the request called 
"foo" which is a collection of "BarBeans."  Then you would say:

  <c:forEach var="aBarBean" varStatus="status" items="${foo}">

    your code here...


The variable "aBarBean" represents the BarBean instance currently being 
iterated over in the collection.  You would then use ${aBarBean.XXX} to 
call your bean methods where XXX represents the getter method in the 
bean (sans "get" and appropriately camel-cased).


Yanroy wrote:
> Hello again,
> I've found plenty of examples online for how to create dynamic sets of
> checkboxes and radio buttons (and I've put them to good use), but I need to
> also dynamically create select and text fields.  I managed the text field by
> coding the HTML for it by hand, since I don't need to pre-populate a value
> from the struts form.  I can't figure out how to do something similar for
> the select, however.  I need the struts <html:options> tag to generate the
> options, but for some reason it refuses to be used without being inside an
> <html:select>.  Is there a way I can trick <html:select> into providing
> multiple, dynamically generated select fields?
> For an example of what I'm trying to create, consider this: I want a form to
> set up email notifications for a number of events.  I pass the names of the
> events forward from my strut as an array in the request.  For each event, I
> want to generate a check box (to indicate whether or not I want to be
> notified), a select field (to indicate a type of comparison such as "less
> than" or "greather than"), and a text field (to input a threshold value).
> I can't find anything about this with google, and a search of this forum
> only yielded one post from January that didn't have any replies.  I hope
> someone here will be kind enough to let me know if this is possible and if
> so, how to do it.
> Thanks,
> Ryan

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