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From "Fredrik Andersson" <>
Subject Re: Quick question about the files.
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 13:49:06 GMT
ohh ok, didn't think of that.

however, when I tried it the text fell out of the button (it says Submit
Query) and sits besides it.

I did this,
    <bean:message key='admin.ny.abort' />

smc:submit is an extension of the strutstag library.

Den 6/30/2006, skrev "David Delbecq" <>:

>Did you do
><input type="button" ...... value="<bean:message key='blabla'>"/>  which
>make sense in a JSP, or did you do
><html:button ...... value="<bean:message key='blabla'>"/> which is a non
>sense as  a you can't put a jsp tag inside a parameter of a jsp tag.
>if you use <html:button>, use this way
><html:button ......><bean:message key='blabla'></html:button>
>Fredrik Andersson wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I'm still implementing the i18n internationalization on the page and now
>> I have noticed that my buttons don't behave as expected. When I change
>> my values of buttons to value="<bean:message key='blabla'>" I get
>> the bean:message tag as the text on the button.
>> How is this supposed to be solved? I coud make an ugly solution with an
>> if statement inside jsp code and generate different buttons that way but
>> it feels wrong.
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