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From "Wiles, Cory" <Cory.Wi...@STJUDE.ORG>
Subject Bean Information not Displaying on Failed Validation
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 02:53:42 GMT
I have a form that a user fills out, selects from a dropdown of a recipients and when they
click submit the form it is submitted to the recipient they choose.  In the email that the
recipient receives it has a display of the filled in form information and a link at the bottom
that the user can click on that will take them to the form information so that they can edit
it and resubmit it to someone else.  There are certain fields which are validated against
some regular expressions in the validate() method.  My problem arises when a user is editing
a form and if there is a validation error found in the validate() method then the form information
is not displayed, only the error message(s).

So the flow would be like this.

(input) index.jsp ->

email link is

user would edit the form with id of 40, hit submit: ->

if the form fails "validate()" validation then all you see is:

*Error message
submit button and reset button

The form information isn't displaying.  Both action mappings are using the same backin-bean
so I don't understand why it isn't retaining the form information if validation fails.  Any
insight would be GREATLY appreciated.


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