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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: Poll: What part of a Struts will be the most important to support for migration?
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 00:28:21 GMT
On 6/12/06, Frank W. Zammetti <> wrote:
> * HTML tag libraries - unless I'm mistaken, most, if not all of them,
> should work if an ActionForm is emulated and placed in scope... do any
> of them use anything else?

Yep. One tag or other other uses everything, and everything has to be
in the right place. The form tag access the ActionMapping to look up
the target action. The tags localize themselves from the message
resources. For client-side validation, the tags access the validators

Of course, if someone wants to create a SAF1 configuration for SAF2,
that's certainly do-able. But, I'd  be very (happily) urprised if the
job could be done piecemeal.

And, if we are creating a SAF1 emulator, why not just use SAF1? Let
SAF1 handles the *.dos, and let SAF2 handle the *.actions.


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