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From Scott Van Wart <>
Subject Advanced MessageProperties file
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 19:10:52 GMT
I'm working on a slightly more flexible way of getting messages out of 
the .properties file, and am posting this to the list for a few reasons:

1) To make sure it hasn't already been done
2) To see if it's useful to anyone else
3) If this is the right approach to whatever it is I seem to think I'm doing

While already supporting the {0}, {1}, ... parameter replacement, I've 
added key parameters to it, such as:

some.message=This is a {some.other.message}.
some.other.message=somewhat long {yet.another.message}

So when you retrieved "some.message", you would end up with "This is a 
somewhat long message."

Couple of other things I'm interested in adding include case sensitivity 
(so the first letter of a message will be capitalized, otherwise 
lowercase unless it's an acronym, etc.) and recursion detection (to 
prevent one={two}, two={one}).

Does this sound like something you might like to see in Struts, or a 
worse solution to an already-solved problem? ;)


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