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From Antonio Petrelli <>
Subject Getting the definition a tile is in (WAS: tiles and forwards)
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 11:04:08 GMT
Sorry again, for a mistake I hijacked TWICE my own thread! Ugh this is a 
very bad day!
If it doesn't work now I will give up, I swear!

I am starting a new thread to rephrase a question from Rudolph Lang, so
that other users can see this question, because I don't know the answer.
Rudolph Lang (and I am pretty curious about the answer :-) ) wants to
know if there is a way to get the Tiles definition that contains the
current JSP page from the JSP page itself.
For instance given the definition:

<!--snip -->
<definition name="main.layout" path="/pages/layout.jsp">

<put name="title" value="baseTitle"/>
<put name="locale" value="/pages/locale.jsp"/>
<!-- some other stuff -->
<!--snap -->

Can the "locale.jsp" page know that it is the "main.layout" definition
from the inside the JSP page itself?

I hope that someone else can answer his question.

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