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From "Albert L. Sapp" <>
Subject Re: best way to send parameters through more requests
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 14:20:20 GMT
Emilia Ipate wrote:

> Hello, all!
> Is there a solution besides using session, to send some request 
> parameters from one request to another?
> I would like to implement something like a shopping cart (a 
> functionality which needs about4-5 steps) and I do not want to store 
> the objects in the session (it is alread too big)!
> So, do you have any ideas?
> Kind regards,
> Emilia
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Wanted so what everyone had to say before I dropped in my 2 cents.  The 
only thing we keep in session is the userID and the unitID for where 
they are shopping.  This happens in step 1.  In step 2, we query the db 
to see if they already have shopping cart items from a previous trip to 
the storeroom.  This step is repeated over and over again as they add 
items to their cart.  They can add, delete or update an item from this 
jsp and are always returned to it.  Finally in step 3, they say ok check 
me out and we collect the account information we need, create the 
accounting transactions, update stock levels, remove the shopping cart 
items and give them a chance to print out a listing of their purchases.  
The 2 session attributes are cleared and we go back to the jsp where the 
next person enters their userID.

3 steps with one of them being repeated.  We went with the db approach 
because we had to try and capture the items a person said they were 
taking in case they give a invalid account or simply get too rushed and 
leave without completing the shopping process.  Believe me, that happens 
more than we like.

I hope this was helpful.


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