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From "Emilia Ipate" <>
Subject problems when migrating Struts 1.0 to Struts 1.1 on WebSphere?
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 06:34:13 GMT


I am trying to upgrade Struts 1.0.2 to Struts 1.1 on WebSphere
Application Server. 


At beginning, the application was developed on WebSphere version 3.5.4
with Struts 1.0.2. 
The application used a Struts1.0.2 patch, because: "The JASPER version
used by the WebSphere 3.5.4 servlet engine was not  up to date to the
latest spec and such did not support the way the Form tag was written. A
fix to Struts 1.0.2 was required (for more info see
ox/struts-user/200107.mbox/browser>  : the discussion thread "Struts 1.0
on WebSphere 3.5.4")" 


So, now, in order to upgrade to Struts 1.1, we have already upgraded to
JSP 1.2, Servlet 2.3 and  WebSphere Application Server v5 (using as IDE:
WSAD 5.1.2).


So, if there someone who had to do the same thing? Did he/she encounter
any problems? What should I be aware of?

Any idea is appreciated!



Kind regards,



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