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From "Homero Cardoso de Almeida" <>
Subject Re: struts not forwarding after action
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 17:08:37 GMT
Thanks for the help, David.

Yeah, I really think the book is a little outdated (i'm really using
perform() instead of execute()). I think the version I got is the same
as yours, since it mentions the execute() method and Struts 1.1.

I'm not able to test it right now (i'm at work), but when I got home
I'll see what I can get.
Thanks again. =)

On 5/30/06, David Friedman <> wrote:
> Homero,
> Often, people starting with Struts see blank pages if they use the wrong
> method in their Action class.  Are you using perform() instead of execute()
> as your method?  Your struts-config.xml file suggests you are using an
> outdated book because it lists your config DTD as version 1.0, not something
> more recent such as 1.2 (for the current version 1.2.9).  If you are just
> starting on the Struts (classic a.k.a. Action 1.0) with the current
> downloads, the perform() method has long been deprecated in favor of the
> execute() method.  There are a few other changes so you might want to check
> the migration notes on the Struts Wiki for later versions.  Most of it
> should be the same but a few things have changed since your book teaching
> the 1.0 version.  And for what it is worth, I learned Struts using that book
> too but my copy of it only taught version 1.0 with notes about 1.1, since
> that it when my copy of the book came out.
> Regards,
> David

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