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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: implementing javax.servlet.Filter w/Struts
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 23:39:46 GMT
On the second point, can you list your web.xml, the portion where you 
map the filter at least?  Chances are you have it mapped incorrectly.

On the first point, can we see your filter?  There's no inherent reason 
you can't do what your trying to do with a filter and Struts, so there 
is some detail wrong somewhere, but what you posted here is most likely 
not sufficient to answer.  Seeing your code, and the associated 
configuration, will probably help.


CrackheadMillionaire wrote:
> Hello friends - 
>   I recently implemented a filter to push some information into the session.  Great.
 However, after filter processing and within my DispatchAction, if I make a call to request.getSession().getAttribute("whateverName");
the values aren't there; in fact, the session attached to my incoming request is null.  
>   Digging around in the debugger I can find my objects, but it's buried pretty deep within
a layer of of nested ApplicationHttpRequest objects; I don't even appear to have the ability
to get to it.  If I put things into the session from within my DispatchAction, no problems
it's always there.  
>   Also, can anyone explain why my filter is bypassed if the mapping is for *.jsp, but
gets hit for *.do?
>   Any advice is greatly appreciated. 
>   - brian
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