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From David Durham <>
Subject Re: using modules with JSPs behind WEB-INF
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 18:58:35 GMT
Berk, Jason R. wrote:
> I'm using struts 1.2.9 which the struts site claims is the "prime time"
> ready version.
> I would like to use modules and put my JSPs behind WEB-INF to protect
> them.  When I try this with struts, it rewrites my URL with the module
> name and causes 404 errors on validation failures.
> I read all over the net that I need to change my forwardPattern &
> pagePattern in my controller to "/WEB-INF/$M$P", but again, the struts
> site docs explicitly state that anything other then $$, $M and $P are
> "silently swallowed".
> Been trying to get this to work for almost two weeks now.  Any help
> appreciated.

The thing is that The Browser can not request /WEB-INF/..., but a 
RequestDispatcher will happily "forward" to /WEB-INF/...

Does this answer your question?


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